Greetings, Comrades!!

I can say that, now, because I just got my IWW card in the mail.

OK, I should probably say, “Greetings, Fellow Workers!”, but “Greetings, Comrades!” sounds way more inflammatory!

I’m not sure what I’ll do with my new found solidarity, but it feels good to take a stand, officially.  I see dark clouds on the horizon, and I take comfort in choosing my side, and making it know.

Anyhow, I encourage everyone to join up.  Or, at least, consider it seriously.


To all and any health care type peeps who read my blog, have you ever worked anywhere that had centralised staffing that actually worked the way it was supposed to?  I almost miss the days of a blank calendar in the staff break room, and you write your name on the days you’re available for call.  Almost.

I gave my shift on Wednesday to a co-worker.  I even submitted it correctly on the on-line frustration page that staffing has for such things!  Then, when I was checking the on-line calendar (as one has to do daily now), I see that I am on leave for today and Wednesday, and my co-worker is down as working today, and we’re listed as short staffed for Wednesday.  So, I called the unit and asked if I was working today.  They were alarmed and said that I was on the assignment board, and asked (hopefully) if I was planning on going in.  I assured them that I was (after they told me my assignment and who my partner is! 😛 ).

Then, I got a call back from the charge nurse.  It seems my co-worker had noticed she was on the on-line assignment for today, and was panicked because she can’t work today.  Anyway, staffing might not know what is going on, but the unit does.  This, right here, is why one must check one’s paystub very carefully, as they tend to ‘miss’ the odd shift that one has actually worked.

I haven’t seen this kind of cluster fuck in any situation where units did their own staffing.  I mean, there were always disgruntled peeps, and sometimes grievances, but there are now, too.  It’s like when a certain hospital went to centralised staffing last century and kept booking me on different units.  For the same shift.  I wouldn’t mind if they’d paid me for both, but it is a little impractical to have one nurse working two places at once, especially if they’re far apart.  You can’t hear the call bells, for one thing!

So, health care types, please share your staffing horror stories!

So Scared

So, what does one do when one’s child is feeling suicidal?  Again?

I want to check on him every five minutes, but that would piss him off.  I want to hold onto him and never let him go.  But the tighter I hold, the further away he pulls.

He didn’t go for a knife this time.  Instead he wrapped a cord around his neck.

Why, baby?  WHY?

I would rather feel this a thousand fold than see you go through it.

What about your sister?

How do I do this?

Remembrance Day

So, lots of people talking about the US election.  I’m not going to touch it.  I mean, I’m not a USian, but it’s still kind of my problem, because all the assholes north of the 49th seem to have been emboldened by the Donald’s incomprehensible victory.  Oh, Canada, why you always follow Uncle Sam?  Also, too, and besides, Donald Trump is soon going to take up residence in the White House.  That should terrify any person on planet Earth.

But, today is Remembrance Day, as we call it in Canada.  This is the day to remember all the sacrifices of individuals who died for King/Queen and Country in the colonial wars that Canada has been a bit player in.  “Their Name Liveth Forevermore” and so forth.  I do feel bad for them.  So very, very bad.  Mostly, I feel bad that they were the disposable pawns and cannon fodder of the real colonial powers.  The history of Canada in war time is a history of exploitation, just as our history of “discovery” is the history of an attempted genocide, which is still going on, IMHO, even though we closed the last residential school in 1996.

So, my feelings about Remembrance Day are complicated.

Have a song.

I Might be a Bad Nurse…

So, I had a truly horrid shift yesterday.  It was only a half shift, so that is the one thing that kept me from running away crying.

I arrived to find my assignment in total confusion and disarray, and my partner overwhelmed and sinking.  Things did not get better.

We were basically watching a patient die, while the medicos decided what to do to save them.  Things were busy.  I couldn’t find anyone to check my blood with me, before administering it, and we were running out of time, and people kept asking my unnecessary questions.

Finally, at the end of my shift, one patient* started scolding me for not acting as a hospital porter on their personal whim.  They told me I could easily have “done [it] sooner”.  I told them I was too busy ‘sooner’.  They told me “I was watching you this whole time.  You have just been lounging around, doing nothing.”**

I looked them straight in the eye, and said, “if you want to file a complaint, I would be happy to get you my manager’s telephone number”.  Dead.  Silence.

Please don’t poke the staff…


*Not the maybe dying patient.  They had stopped talking by then, although I really wished they would have said anything, even something as stoopid as the other patient.

**I would like to add that I did not get a break that shift, and my partner only took about 15 minutes in the time I was there, when she “should” have taken at least 1/2 hour, by our contract.  But, who wants to stay late to fill out the paperwork required to collect your overtime.